I am Klara. I’m British and have hot Czech blood running through my veins which explains my funky name. I am in my second year as a professional photographer and qualified videographer, with over 20 years of professional experience working across a spectrum of creative industries – branding, digital design and web design, print, social media management, and more.


I am based in Hove on the South Coast of England, just a stone’s throw away from sunny Brighton.


I love the power that photography and videography hold over people’s lives.

The amazing ability to express that special moment of an emotion that connects all humans without any need for words.

I am deeply interested in all things sustainable and environmental, human connection and the outdoors, adventures driven with a purpose. Travels. I love sports that have the element of an adrenaline rush. And I love the sea.

I strive to maintain a positive, personal yet professional approach to my work, combining all my creative skills into the best possible bespoke outcomes.